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He is too scared to look into the mirror. Fear of facing his truth through the windows of his soul. Fear of the lines of life etched into his skin. Fear of actually seeing the silent tears that roll down his cheeks. The pain in his being is becoming too much to bear.

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He sits alone on his side of the bed in the dark. His mind  filled with thoughts, dreams and nightmares. Thoughts of losing love, dreams of a better tomorrow and nightmares of arisen burdens. Darkness is starting to become his comfort and chaos. 

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It feels like his heart is slowly being shattered by the woman he deeply loves. It feels like his dreams will  forever stay among the stars at night. The dreams of a better tomorrow feels like a withering flower dying with each passing day.

Nightmares scare him awake at night. Images of burdens weighing down on his chest, blocking the air to his lungs. Nightmares of life pulling him into his coffin by imaginary hands. The horrors of the night keep his eyes open and his body cold. 

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Every day the road stretches further away between them. The wheeze of nothingness flows through the air. Emptiness surrounds them. They are no longer holding hands walking in life together. She drops his hand, slowly holding back  all she hopes for with him. He feels her distance as he keeps walking forward. Now, they are just two people walking on the same straight highway.

Fears, dreams and nightmares follow him to his bed. His breathing steadies as the night deepens.

What will tonight bring for him?

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