To be a writer, you must be a reader too. Writing is a passion, not just a job. It’s a passion for words, the formation of sentences and showing a story, not telling it.

A true writer’s fingers itch with withdrawals if they don’t write regularly. A true writer needs to read, to learn from other writers. The more we read, the more we learn how to write.

Writers need to experience what our readers do. We read to grow our imagination. By reading we learn how to picture the story in our minds, watch the characters evolve in their story. 

Lately, I have been lacking in the reading department but I can’t wait to dive into my novels these holidays, refreshing my writing skills and re-igniting my imagination so I can calm my itchy fingers and return to my stories.

A book, to a writer and a reader, is like oxygen. Without it, we can’t breathe or survive. However, a writer needs to write too, which is the second compartment of our oxygen tank. Together, they help us to grow. 

Stories inspire us to keep trying to finish that story or poem that keeps us up at night, thinking about the plot, the characters and how to get to the ending we have already pictured in our head.

I want to be a reading writer and writing reader.  These two favourite things help me to be better in following my passion. And together, my passion will be used to serve others, my purpose. Even these words are inspired by my “to be read” stack of books because somewhere among those words could be the inspiration I need to start a new story, keep developing a story line or the confidence to finish the novels gathering virtual dust on my laptop. 

My fingers have stopped itching for now but my eyes are wandering, waiting for the book to be opened.

I hope you too become a reading writer and a writing read.

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