After reading the Fifty Shades trilogy, I was skeptical to read another novel written by E L James. I wondered what is actually left of the Fifty Shade stories after taking out the sex and the swearing. I found the movies more entertaining.

Romantically Sound

I haven’t read a good romance novel for a while and was pleasantly surprised. The Mister is definitely a read for all romance fans.

It is filled with passion, emotion and adventure. A quiet, shy and scared maid named Alessia takes note of the life of the Mister. The Mister who sleeps around, parties and takes his wealth for granted…in her eyes.

Passion, Emotion and Adventure

The Mister or Maxim spends his life fighting his inner demons, ignoring his grief and resisting to fulfil his duties…until Alessia catches his attention. In her eyes, he finds himself urged to find out more about her, spend time with her and be the man he expects she wants him to be.

Alessia doesn’t want anyone to know her truth. She can’t tell him how she came to England. She finds solace in the gliding of her fingers across the keys in his apartment. What if he finds out? What will he think of her?

Alessia and Maxim go on a romantic quest to find each other while trying to keep her safe.

From talking to each other to kidnapping and reality…..

Will they actually be together?

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