Create by imagining the impossible, the weird and the wonderful.

A writer creates in their mind, using their words to share their vision. Sometimes the mind is empty, unable to create resulting in a blank, unused page.

Every writer should exercise their creativity regularly, keeping their mind active to dream. Colour in a picture using bright colours or draw a picture with wax crayons…..and stick figures are allowed! Cut a picture out a magazine and write what you see or a story about it.

Walk down your street taking in the shape of the trees, the colour of the houses and the dogs barking at you as you pass them. Smell the air, smile at a strange and make up a character using them as a start.

Creativity can be found all around you. Stories float around a writer like the flowing, fluffy clouds in the sky.

Reading books can help with your creativity too. It helps the writer picture the story, scene by scene. Close your eyes and use your senses to see, smell, touch and taste.

A writer uses their whole being to create a whole book. As a writer, I want my fingers to dance across the page, allowing the ink to play a song, creating the story that people can sway to.

I want to see the creativity in all of creation around me, allowing me to play my music, filling the pages with story and song.

How do you exercise your creativity?

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