As Jay Shetty says, “Your passion is for you, Your purpose is for others.” What does this mean for us as writers? How do we apply this philosophy to our written work?

Firstly, as a writer, you need to love what you do because when you love what you, you do it with passion. For me as a writer, writing fills me with excitement and joy. The flow of words from my fingers makes me feel complete, like I’ve actually done something productive with my day even if it’s after a hard day’s work at the office.

I write with the hope of sharing my passion for words and stories with others. Why do you write? What about writing are you passionate about?

Writing with purpose is writing while having our readers in mind. This is why we ask ourselves regularly, who are we writing for? We often forget that our story, if written with passion and purpose, has the ability to serve others (our readers).

A story has the power to help the reader with life, love, relationships and even teach them a lesson. Our words have the power to help a troubled or lonely soul escape the real world to a world of wonder, realms and people.

A writer has the gift to put into words what the mind sees, what the body yearns and the heart feels. Our story becomes their story and together it is shared. A writer’s world creates communities, whether known or unknown, because the writer used their passion to serve their purpose.

Our words make us smile, seeing our words being read fills us with joy. Passion for you, purpose for others!

Our pen and notebook or computer is how we express ourselves and we have the privilege to have the opportunity to share it with others. Never stop writing so you can serve others.

Embrace your passion to fulfill your purpose!

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