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The sound of lofigirl life plays softly in my ears. The taps on my keyboard adding to the symphony. My heart fills with silent joy as the words create sentences and story on the screen. I get lost in the life of another.  Their emotions becoming my own. The scene playing out in my mind like a movie. 

Each minute I write, I get excited as my passion unfolds in front of my eyes. I get excited at the thought of sharing my dream with others with the hope that they enjoy it too. 

A writer can’t write even when they aren’t. Words play in our mind all the time. We imagine and create with each daydream. The weather tells us a story. The sounds of people encourages us to create relationships. 


Life for a writer is a realm to be explored. Hills to climb to watch how others live. Mountains to reach to view the eagle’s perspective of the ants below. 

I yearn to finish so others can feel what I feel when they read what I have written. A writer holds on to their muses like a unloved child but wants others to get drawn into another world.


Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Art is expression and I express my art through my fingers, through the words on my screen to anyone willing to read. 

Your expression will be criticized and judged because not everyone understands your voice. Not everyone has an open mind to learn to understand our voice. But someone out there does and wants to hear it, read it and see it. 

How do you express your art? 

I look forward to the day to share mine with you. It m

ight take a while but I will get there. My words are not meant to stay my own. My story is written for others to imagine and to journey. 

I pray that you are able to express yourself in whatever makes you happy as long it causes no pain or harm to you or others. 

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