November fills the air with excitement around the world for writers. November is NANOWRIMO month which stands for National Novel Writing Month. This is the month writers get down and dirty, attempting to write a novel in thirty days.

This can either be productive or stressful. It all depends on our self-expectations. What do you want to get out of this month? I encourage writers to discover what they expect for themselves. And then…GO FOR IT!

Don’t pressurise yourself to finish. You don’t have to finish but you will never know if you can unless you start.

Writing at least 300 words per day is achievable. Find a space that you are comfortable with, get out your laptop or turn on your computer, open your notebook and grab your pen. Every word you write is closer to your goal.  

Be encouraged to write blind, leaving the editing and polishing for another time. NANOWRIMO is all about getting it done on the page, making your personal target and at the end, having a first rough draft of your novel.  

I, too, am attempting the challenge of writing a novel in thirty days. The first day was the worst especially when I have had writer’s block for many months. I decided to use a writing prompt in the hopes of getting my groove back and diving into the challenge. 

Good luck fellow writers! Have faith in your imagination and strength in your fingers as your mind roams the realms of story-telling.



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