She stares with a determination that matches her fierceness. She never shows the weakness cracking her insides. The make-up covering her face creates professionalism, hiding her anxiety while her lipstick smile sells.

Don’t be swayed by the swish of her hips in her shiny high heels or the cute handbag hanging on her arm.

Be swayed by the look in her eyes, the dimple in her smile and the straight of her spine. She’s made for the mountains she climbs, the tears she hides and the courage she conveys.

Her fight can be seen in her family. Her trophies in their smiles. Her wrinkles in their life journey. Her grey hair shares their successes.

Take her seriously and love her wholly. Complete her and not compete with her. Embrace her emotions.

She is a meek beast that can’t be tamed. She’s the rock that won’t crack. She’s the heart that beats in your world. She’s all you will ever need.

Listen to her tell you how she wants be loved, embraced, appreciated and supported.

“SHE” is a “WOMAN”!

Happy Woman’s Day to all the “SHES” out there!

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