Once again, I find myself in the Dark Forest, wandering around, watching words float around me like the moving leaves on the trees.

The stones under my shoes poke through the soles, hurting my heaviness. For months, my fingers have searched for the pen, with no words to write.

My mind is empty, cobwebs gathering in the corners. Where has my stories gone? Where are my insights into the heart of the writer?

Research is the task of looking for information and insight, generally on a specific topic or person. For a writer, research is a valuable tool to use.

Maybe it’s time I do some research of my own. The research of “self”. Learning about myself might unlock the light in the dark forest. I might see the story through the leaves of the trees.

Sometimes, we need to get lost to be found. Sometimes, we need some darkness to truly find the light we are missing.

Will the stones stop hurting while my dragging feet become purposeful strides?

Where do you find your light in your writing darkness?

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