Many people don’t quite understand us. We, writers, are social introverts. We socialise when we must but enjoy the company of loneliness to explore our realms of writing.

A writer is a lovely job with big rewards. A writer needs isolation from reality to enter the realm of their story. A writer needs to find their perfect spot that will create peaceful creativity, encourage imagination and have all the things they might need.

My perfect spot, well the dream of a perfect spot would be a study or library in a country house, surrounded by peaceful countryside in a small town. Through my windows, I can see trees bend in the gentle breeze, listen to the birds sing while nursing a cup of hot chocolate with floating marshmallows. 

But in reality, in the present, my perfect spot is on the floor, leaning against my bed with my notebook and pen, staring out my bedroom window at the one tree, road and neighbour’s wall as my view. Silence (some), surrounds me, allowing me to change the realms in my mind so my eyes can see the story I write. 

The perfect spot are not always the material things around me, it’s the feel of the pen in my hand, moving along the line paper, imagining and creating people I wish I encounter, experiences I wish I have and stories to share with other bookworms. Wherever, my body, my mind, my spirit, my pen and notebook is, is my perfect spot. 

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