Why have you not achieved what makes you smile inside and out?
What is stopping you? 
Money, material items, family, friends...yourself?
What are you so scared of? Fear, fame, expectations, failure...yourself?
Why others and not you?

Photo by Pedro da Silva on Unsplash Why aren't you using your voice to express yourself? Why are you making choices to make others happy and not you? Fear of not belonging, of not being loved, not being accepted?
Why aren't you using your God given talents, using that passion eating at your soul? Fear of taking risks, fear of not conforming to other's expectations, fear of....yourself?
Why others and not you?

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Why aren't you living the life you want to live?
Why aren't you doing the things that excite you, make you grow, make you stand up straighter?

Why aren't you sacrificing certain things to be happier later?
Fear of missing out on other things, fear of believing in yourself, fear of...yourself?

Why others and not you?

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Why others and not you?

Because others did what you are too scared to do.

Because others focused on faith and not fear.

Because others listened to their own voice instead the ones that stopped them.

Because others discovered and used their talents to feed their passion in their soul.

Because others sacrificed, allowed themselves to fail and grow at the same time.

Because others looked past fear of self to faith of self-esteem.

Why others and you?

Because others were just like you, and just like you,
they answered and conquered their WHY!

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